Revolutionizing biotech products.


Molbiotech is an Austria based biotechnology company working towards developing smart bioproducts.

The company has originally started as a university spin off and is active since 2002. Various projects in cooperation with industrial companies have been successfully provided solutions in developing bio-based products and bioprocesses over nearly two decades.

Major activity fields are:

Contract Research and Consulting.

Microbial Protein and Metabolite Production

Expression technology and Metabolic Engineering provide the basis for developing efficient production strains.

Carbon Dioxide based bioproducts

Chemolithoautotrophic microbes capable of efficiently metabolizing carbon dioxide into valuable products such as designed feed protein and biopolymers are providing solutions towards a CO2 neutral industry.

High Performance Enzymes

Making use of mining the biodiversity and improving enzymes by protein engineering robust and highly active biocatalysts are developed providing the basis for novel products.

Development of Bioproducts.

Our solution, resulting from university and patented research, has been developed to offer high-performance biodegradable polymer suited to develop many innovative and life changing products for a broad range of Applications.

Our proprietary product line.

Biodegradable polymer scaffolds

trellicell is a resorbable polymer based scaffold that can be used to culture any cell type in large formats. trellicell easily fits for various applications and uses across a wide range of applications including medical, pharmaceutical, food, cell culture and, as well as supported tissue regeneration and engineering.

Our Mission & Vision.

Molbiotech is working to improve people life by discovering and developing superior biotech products.
We strive to become world leader in innovation of bio polymers suited to be used in wide range of industries and application.

Univ.Prof.i.R. Dipl.Ing. Dr.Techn.
Helmut Schwab

CEO & Founder


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Dr. Stefan Zopf

Chief Innovation Officer

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